Multi-Functional Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Washer Cleaner With Extra Anion Generator For Air Purification and Food Sterilization


Product Features

Vegetable & Fruit Sterilization / 2 In 1 Air Purification / Anion Generator

Ozone Output :500 Mg/hour;

Anion Generator : 8*1000000 Pcs/Hour;

Application: Food Sterilization ,Such As Vegetable & Fruit;

8 Colors: White/ Grey / Silver / Gold /Pink / Purple / Brown /Black;

Dropshipping Available

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Portable and Fashionable appearance
Touch screen and remote control
500 milligrams of Ozone per hour output
More balanced and faster sterilization with the ozone strong oxidization
80000000pcs of Negative Ion per cubic centimeter output
Timer setting from 5mins to 60mins
High tensile strength ABS plastic material
Use the 8L pump
Gas Flow: 3-3.6L/min
Weight: 1.3 kg
Power Requirement: 110-220 V/18 W/50 Hz
Size: 30cm long x 8cm wide x 25cm high
Warranty: 1-year warranty



Application Area Time Benefits of Ozone
Vegetables and Fruits in water 10mins Sterilizer, decompose pesticide and fertilizer residues, and extend the freshness of food.
Meat in water 10-15mins Remove the residue hormones, antibiotics and virus.
Seafood in water 5-10mins Kill parasites of hepatitis A/B and other infectious bacteria.
Kitchen,bedroom,bathroom, car 1min/m2 Except bad smell, smoke, odor, bacteria, air purification
Clothes 5-10mins Ozone-containing water can be used to disinfect clothes.
Wash items & toys 10-15mins Disinfect children’s toys
Homemade mouthwash 10-15mins Improve oral hygiene, effectively prevent bad breath, and help to care for the teeth.
skin, beauty, water bath 20-30mins Remove the dirt from the pores to achieve the effect of skin care.



When this machine is used in a unventilated room to sterilize the air, place enter the room after the machine stops working for 30 minutes.


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