The Wide Application of Kazem 2 in 1 Multi-Function Ozone Sterilizer for Vegetable & Fruit Sterilization in Your Kitchen


The Ozone Introduction and its Strong Oxidization

Ozone is a light blue gas with a fishy odor.
Ozone has strong oxidizing properties and is a stronger oxidant than oxygen. It can oxidize at lower temperatures. Ozone is a powerful bleaching agent in the presence of water. It is also easy to generate ozone oxides with unsaturated organic compounds at low temperatures. Used as strong oxidant, bleach, fur deodorant, air purifier, disinfectant, disinfection and deodorization of drinking water.

2. The strong oxidization of ozone
Ozone has strong oxidizing and bactericidal properties, and is one of the strongest oxidants in nature. At the same time, the product of ozone reaction is oxygen, so ozone is an efficient oxidant without secondary pollution.

As a strong oxidant, its characteristics are as follows
①It can be used for selective oxidation, and the yield of main products is high;
② The oxidation temperature is low, the oxidation ability is also strong under normal pressure, and it is beneficial to the oxidation of sensitive substances;
③ The reaction speed is fast, and it can be quantitatively oxidized;
④Easy to use and manufacture.

The Multi-Functional Application of Ozone in Air & Food Sterilization

Ozone is Mainly used in the following fields:

Water treatment, food processing, storage, preservation; household appliances; medical and health care; chemical oxidation.
Disinfection and sterilization of beverages, air purification, bleaching, water treatment and drinking water disinfection, granary killing molds…

ozone in removing pesticide residues in vegetables
When eating vegetables, the most worrying thing is the problem of pesticide residues.
Although agricultural administrative departments have formulated many measures to reduce pesticide residues, emphasizing the rational use of pesticides, and advocating the use of biological pesticides and high-efficiency, low-toxicity, and low-residue pesticides, there are still frequent occurrences of vegetable pesticide poisoning.

The traditional method of soaking in water can hardly remove pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables, and high-concentration ozone soaking can effectively remove pesticide residues.

Studies have shown that by culturing bean sprouts with ozone, ozone can effectively degrade the pesticides on the bean sprouts.
The bean sprouts were soaked in 3 mg/L ozone water for 30 minutes and then cultured for 8 hours. The pesticides on them were degraded as follows:
100% captandan, 76% diazinon, and 96% dichlorvos.

Chlorothalonil, omethoate, trichlorfon and dichlorvos on vegetables are treated with ozone, and the pesticide residues after treatment all meet the international allowable standards

ozone in vegetable & fruit cleaning:
Using ozone’s oxidation and sterilization effects to clean fruits and vegetables with ozone-containing water can not only effectively kill pathogenic bacteria and spoilage bacteria attached to the surface of vegetables, but also remove other toxic substances remaining on the surface of vegetables.
It is one of the ways to maintain and improve the food safety of new vegetables.
Studies have shown that this method can reduce the total number of bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables by more than 90%, especially the killing effect on Escherichia coli is particularly obvious

Advantages of Kazem Multi-Functional Ozone Sterilizer LX-K1

(1) high sterilization and  deodorization efficiency . 

During disinfection, the ozone generator generates a certain 500mg ozone per hour In a relatively closed environment.

it diffuses evenly and has good permeability, which overcomes the problem of disinfection dead corners existing in ultraviolet sterilization, and achieves all-round, fast and efficient disinfection and sterilization purposes.

In addition, because of its wide bactericidal spectrum, it can not only kill bacterial propagules, spores, viruses, fungi and protozoa and other microorganisms, but also destroy botulinum toxin and rickettsia, etc. Strong in addition to mildew, fishy, smelly and other odors.
(2) No residue, no pollution.
Ozone is produced by the use of oxygen in the air. In the process of disinfection and oxidation, the excess oxygen atoms are combined into molecular oxygen after 30 minutes, and there is no residual substance, which solves the problem of secondary pollution remaining in the disinfection of disinfectants, and eliminates the need for Clean again after disinfection.

(3)Extra Anion Genertor 

 with the extra anion generator which generate 8000000PCS negative ion per hour,it is also suitable for small room air purification,

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