Kazem Multi-Functional Ozone Sterilizer

Ozone Sterilization

With TheStrong Ozone Oxidization,Kazem Ozone Steriliser Decompose Pesticide Residues ,Mircrobacterias in Vegetable & Fruit ,Meat…

Food Sterilization

Suitable For Kitchen ,Bathroom ,Bedroom Deoderization,Remove Second Hand Smoke,  Kitchen Leftovers Smell …

2 in 1 Air Purification

Ozone Output: 500mg/hour
Negative Ion Generator: 8*1000000 pcs /Hour 
Keep Your Home Bedroom Office Air Fresh

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Our Kazem Multi-Function Ozone Vegetable and Fruit Sterilizer & Air Purifier Production are Under Strict Quality Control .All Products Must Be Tested Before Shipping .


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ozone sterilizer

2 In 1 Multi-Function Ozone Sterilizer with Extra Anion Generator ;

Ozone Generator Air Purifier…

Killing Molds and Bacterias: ozone oxidzation could destroy a variety of bacteria and viruses efficiently without secondary pollution. 

During the pandemic ,the covide-19 virus and variant omicron are quite infectious and fatal for unvaccinated people,for precaution,more …